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“…I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ridvan Bunjaku during the development of my book “Head First Learn to Code” published by O’Reilly Media Press in January of 2018. Ridvan acted as a technical reviewer for this book (he was one of a dozen or so) and was chosen through an interview process that took into account his diverse background as a programmer, teacher, computer scientist with an advanced degree, and also given his past experience with the Head First format—a non-standard technical teaching format that focuses on learning, not reference, with incorporated conversation, the heavy use of graphics and brain-friendly teaching techniques based on the work of Kathy Sierra.

When Ridvan became involved in the work my expectation and his responsibility was simple: to read the material, pointing out errors, issues and areas of improvement. Ridvan however took this role to another level; Ridvan not only tackled the material, standing above the rest of the group in his suggestions and corrections, he also became, essentially, the ad hoc team leader for this group and even helped the morale of the author though his interactions with the entire team. Finally, even more surprising, in a group of largely native English speakers, Ridvan also was the most valuable player in correcting the author’s use of English—no small feat.

Based on my work with Ridvan there is no doubt he is an individual with an amazing work ethic, and one that strives for excellence.  My book benefited greatly from his participation and it was a blessing to have him on the team…”

Eric Freeman, Ph.D.

Inventor of Lifestreams, the basic idea behind Facebook and some Apple and Microsoft products; former CTO of

August 2018



“…I know Mr. Bunjaku since autumn semester 2012 when he was my student at South East University in Tetova (FYR Macedonia) and my impression about his work and engagement was very positive. (…) Beside excellent track record of his academic achievements he has an impressive list of activities and extensive experience both in university teaching and working in the field of ICT. Furthermore, he has authored a number of books and other materials relevant for his field of interest for his fellow students and general public within the ICT field.

All this shows that he has great ability for taking initiatives for things of his interest within the curricula of the courses as well as in the professional activities mentioned above. He is one of the students that I have taught that understands that excellence is a journey and not a destination. Furthermore he is a very outspoken and communicative person with great skills. Beside this, Mr. Bunjaku has great research capabilities and work skills…”

Arianit Kurti, Ph.D.

Letter of Recommendation

Växjö, June 2015



“…Ridvan is a highly motivated and caring person. He has the enthusiasm, maturity and interest to excel and succeed in the classroom, never hesitating to come up with interesting questions and sometimes even having longer discussions after class concerning his inquiries. I would like to emphasize his urge to implement his theoretical knowledge into real life problems, making him very pragmatic about the knowledge he acquires.

His enthusiasm and classroom presentation enables him to achieve an excellent success. His poise and rapport with me as a teacher of the Human-Computer Interface class displayed both respect and real caring interest in his success. His real interest in self-improvement and personal preparation is something I attempt to install in all my students who have long-term goals.

Ridvan has many other positive values, aside being a great student. He has the ability to spread his helping nature and altruism amongst his classmates and friends. His greatest virtue is leveling with people of every background, understanding every situation he indulges in and giving his best to bring even the slightest positive change to that situation…”

Mexhid Ferati, Ph.D.

Letter of Recommendation

Tetovo, June 2015



“…I dare to say that Ridvan has been among 2-3% of the best students I have ever had in my 19 years long career in the Department Of Mathematics in Prishtina. I had an opportunity to examine his knowledge in several major courses, and I think that he is not only a talented mathematician and computer scientist but also a very  hard-working person, always willing to broaden his knowledge. (…) His open, cooperative personality and strong background allow me to wholeheartedly recommend him to your kind attention…”

Dr. sc. Dukagjin Pupovci

Letter of Reference for Mr. Ridvan Bunjaku

Prishtina, December 2004



“…I had opportunities to know Mr. Bunjaku both as a student of mine on the subjects of Programming languages during his undergraduate studies of applied mathematics at our University, and, since this year as a colleague, since he has been appointed a teaching assistant for a course on Java programming at my department.

I have a very high opinion of him both as a student and a colleague; I consider him to be a very hard working and innovative, distinguished for his studying and research abilities…”

Dr. sc. Faton Berisha

Letter of Reference for Mr. Ridvan Bunjaku

Prishtina, December 2004



“…Ridvan Bunjaku gjatë studimeve ka qenë student i shkëlqyeshëm dhe shumë aktiv në ligjëratat nga lëndët të cilat i kam ligjëruar unë. Gjatë ligjëratave, shumë herë bënte pyetje shumë interesante, me çka vërehej thellësia e të kuptuarit të koncepteve dhe problemeve matematike (…) Duke pasë parasysh përgatitjen e Ridvanit, lirisht mund të themi se ai disponon me bazë të shkëlqyeshme në fushën e matematikës (…) Edhe në aspektin kolegial, Ridvani është person bashkëpunues, transparent dhe punëtor i dalluar…”

Dr. sc. Muhib Lohaj

Referencë për Ridvan Bunjakun

Prishtinë, dhjetor 2004


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